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  • Why You Need to Monitor Your Website to Build Your Business

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    March 21, 2023

    You may have put a lot of work into creating your website, but is your website working for you? Only metrics and monitoring can tell you if your pages are helping you achieve your company's goals. Most customers determine your company's trustworthiness by the quality of your pages. Apply the following ideas and use helpful tech — like traffic trackers and a PDF editor — to determine how well your site is functioning and driving business through your door. This article from the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce shows you how to do it.


    Review Traffic Metrics

    Website traffic is the foundation of understanding how well your site is doing. You shouldn't just be concerned with the number of visitors. You need to know the average duration of sessions. Brick-and-mortar stores realize the value of keeping customers in the location for enough time to get a sale. Work to keep customers on your site longer for increased engagement and more purchases. 


    Review your bounce rate, which tells you how many people only visited a single page. A high bounce rate may show that visitors don't find your site engaging, highlighting the need to adjust your content or visualizations.


    Enhance Your Security with Protected PDFs and a PDF Editor

    Data breaches can ruin your brand's reputation and cause long-lasting harm to your customers. Hackers are always searching for new ways to penetrate firewalls and steal data. Read cybersecurity reports and purchase sufficient solutions to guard your customers' data and your sensitive information.


    Keep documents secure by using PDFs for files with confidential information. A PDF editor lets you make changes to text and drawings without having to print a hard copy. With the PDF editor online, simply upload the file to the online software for editing, then download the document. Encrypt your PDF and use a strong password so only the intended recipients can open the file. You can also lock the document to keep anyone without the appropriate access from altering the content.


    Fix Crashes Quickly

    Site outages are a quick way to send leads into the arms of your competitors. Daily backups ensure you don't lose vital data and have to reconstruct things from scratch after an adverse event. Server maintenance and reports are other musts. Pay attention to how your site responds to activity spikes, and know your data limits. By monitoring performance, you can alert customers quickly of any issues and communicate that you are resolving the problem.


    Gain Advanced Customer Insights 

    Understanding your target audience niche saves you money on customer acquisition. You can create attractive content more quickly and define the buyer persona of your most profitable customers. Your lead generation becomes more efficient as you understand what ideal customers need and want.


    You also better understand the buying cycle and sales funnel. You can anticipate when customers are ready to return and offer specials and coupons to draw them in. When you address a consumer in a way that shows you know them, you build buyer trust and brand loyalty.


    Reduce and Prevent Cart Abandonment

    You are rightly frustrated when a potential customer leaves items in an online shopping cart. How can you push them over the hump to earn that sale? Automated tools can track and send messages to encourage the shopper to return and complete the purchase. Seeing a high cart abandonment rate in conjunction with surveys can alert you to issues with the process and how to resolve them.


    Happy Customers Lead to a Growing Business

    Make your website a powerful ally in your efforts to advance your business. Enhance your security through encrypted PDFs and a PDF editor tool and improve the customer experience by understanding your target audience. Together, these efforts will help you to tailor your website in ways that will make your customer happier, which will also benefit your business.

    The Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce offers plenty of resources to small business owners. Consider joining today so you can take advantage of all we have to offer!
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